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Use the API from MS Excel

Once you've downloaded the setup file to your computer, click on it, and follow the installation instructions:

Use the API from your code

To interact with the API, the client code must send a POST request to the API's endpoint on Mashape or 3Scale, and receive a response object.

Lexicon Editor

The GetSentiment API performs phrase-level sentiment analysis: it detects terms (key phrases and entities) in each sentence and recognizes sentiment associated with each term. To achieve that, it uses proprietary classifiers and lexicons. To customize them to a new domain (industry or vertical, such as finance, retail, hospitality), the system accepts user-supplied lexicons that extend and override the default functionality.

Domain customization

The domain of the text matters a lot for automatic text analysis. Each subject area or industry field has its own grammar and special vocabulary, and common words tend to have very particular meanings.To analyze them correctly, an NLP system must be either trained on texts belonging to that domain, and/or be supplied with lexicons that encode that domain's grammar and vocabulary.

Subscribe on Mashape

To subscribe to GetSentiment on Mashape, you'll need to create an account on create an account on their website. Mashape will keep track of the number of requests to the API and deal with subscriptions and billing.