Restaurant Reviews on Web Forums

Social media contains a wealth of information for market researchers: every day millions of people around the world share their experiences of different products and services, their preferences, expectations, and intentions. The problem is how to get hold of this information, how to filter and collate it so as to obtain usable insights.

To demonstrate one possibility, we created an application that collects and analyzes people's mentions of visits to restaurants, on various social media sites, discussion forums, and travel sites. The application uses two API services: Webhose to collect relevant restaurant mentions and GetSentiment to analyze them in terms of sentiment and topical categories.

The application is available here. Under the hood, the system calls Webhose API several times a day, to retrieve freshly indexed mentions of restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros and pubs. Relevant text snippets are then extracted and submitted to GetSentiment API, which returns a list of domain topics found in a snippet as well as the sentiment score associated with each topic. The demo page shows the name of the restaurant, the text of the snippet, identified topics and sentiment, as well as a link to the original publication site.

Get in touch with us if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.