Subscribe on 3Scale

The GetSentiment API is available on the 3Scale platform. To subscribe via 3Scale, please follow these steps:

1. Head over to the Developer Portal.

2. Click on "Plans" in the top menu, select a plan, and click "Sign up to plan". Note the Free plan requires only an email address.

3. Fill out the registration form, receive a confirmation email, click the confirmation link in the email.

4. Login to your account with the created user name and password.

5. Look up your access key:

6. Use the key in your API requests, as shown in the cURL example at the bottom of the page.

There are example clients written in  Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, R, Node.js, C#. In the scripts, you will need to replace:

  • "ACCESS-URL" for ""
  • "ACCESS-KEY-HEADER" for "X-3Scale-Key",
  • "ACCESS-KEY" for your access key.

For details on request parameters and response fields, please read the post on how to use the API from your code.