Subscribe on Mashape

To subscribe to GetSentiment on Mashape, you'll need to create an account on create an account on their website. Mashape will keep track of the number of requests to the API and deal with subscriptions and billing.

Then, on Mashape, subscribe to the GetSentiment API, and choose a subscription plan. If you'd like a custom pricing plan, get in touch with us. Note that you'll need to provide credit card details even if you subscribe to the free plan – it will be charged only if you exceed the free allowance.


Once you are subscribed, you can test the API on the Mashape test console. First, you'll need to create an "application" (essentially, an access key): from the top menu on the Mashape console select "Applications", "Create application". Then, on the test console, under "Request headers" indicate that application. Optionally change the request parameters, e.g., input text. Click "Test endpoint". The analysis of the input text will appear in the right pane, in the JSON format.


Once you are subscribed, you are ready to use the API in your code. You are welcome to re-use example clients written in  Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, R, Node.js, C#. In the scripts, you will need to replace:

  • "ACCESS-URL" for ""
  • "ACCESS-KEY-HEADER" for "X-Mashape-Key",
  • "ACCESS-KEY" for your access key.

For details on request parameters and response fields, please check the post on how to use the API from your code.

Read on on how to adapt the system to your application domain.